Perch For Women:

for women, by women.

We equip women in all seasons and situations of life by providing guidance and opportunities for greater health and wholeness.

Perch For Women Values


We are so thankful for the continued generosity that allows our team to serve women in seasons or situations of vulnerability. You may donate digitally on this page, via etransfer (info@perchforwomen.co) or by sending us a cheque in the mail. Perch For Women is funded primarily by private donations and is not affiliated with any other agency.

Fireside Birthday Celebrations

  Tuesday | 10:30am-Noon

Birthday Month Celebration! The first Tuesday of every month come celebrate your birthday with us Fireside.  Enjoy a birthday blessings and a slice of cake!

Social connect, drop-in 

Fireside Connect

Tuesday | 10:30am-Noon

Every Tuesday except the first & last Tuesday of the month join us for some casual conversation around the fire. 

Social connect, drop in

Walk In Prayer Clinic 

Last Tuesday of Every Month | 10:30am-12:30pm
Let us pray for you. No need is too big, no concern too small. NEW: Send Prayer requests to admin@perchforwomen.co
Drop-In | Registration not required 

Tea Party Fundraiser

Exclusive Tea Party for up to 8 guests at Perch! Delectable sweets and savories made with only the finest ingrediants & displayed gorgeously. 100% of cost goes towards Perch For Women Ministires as a donation. Email us today for more information.  

Corporate Prayer 

Last Monday Of Every Month | 11am-Noon

Come pray with us! This is a special  time set aside each month to pray for Perch, our goals, mission and direction. All are welcome. 

Scripture Reflection

Every Monday except holidays | 1-2:15pm 

Come savour the word with us, bring your bible and a journal.

Drop In | Registration not required

A Mother’s Grief

Every Friday | 9:30am-11am

A compassionate, casual coffee time for moms who have lost a child. Led by Tracy Hofland who is walking her own grief journey after losing her son. Come share your memories or just sit in a peace filled space with us. For alternative grief support or to see if this group is right for you, please email us at admin@perchforwomen.co 

Registration Required 

More Than A Feeling

Healthy pathways for processing overwhelming emotions

Online Study with Brenda Drost